Sailing Catamaran and Luxury Yacht are suitable for infants because there is cabin and saloon area.

Yes, we do. We have life jacket starting from size 2xs.

Speedboats or sport cruisers are the best options because you will arrive to the destination faster than other boats.
We recommend going to Racha Yai and Banana Beach because you will stay on the boat approximately 20 – 45 minutes only.

We do have extra service of “fishing tools” at your service too.

Sailing catamaran (Myra and Blue Indigo), luxury yacht (The Origin) and sport cruiser (VICE) are all perfect for sunbathing.

Day trip charters are NOT allowed to use the cabin on the boat.

For sailing catamaran (Myra and Blue Indigo), luxury yacht (The Origin) and Mini Yacht (No.10) there are 2 toilets available. For other boats, there is 1 toilet available.

Yes, we do have group insurance provided for the trip. However, we recommend you do purchase personal travel insurance also.

Yes, you can cancel the trip. But there will be no refund (in another words 100% charge).

If you are uncomfortable to continue the trip, you can early back to hotel. But there will be no refund (in another words 100% charge).

We do have 3 ways are PayPal, Bank transfer and Quick Response Code (QR code) for confirming your reservation.

For booking confirmation, please contact our Reservation Department.

Mobile number: +669 1897 8777
Line: +669 1897 8777
WhatsApps: +669 1897 8777

For Sabiki fishing (small fish fishing), we recommend Racha Yai + Banana Beach, Coral Island program or Racha Noi + Banana Beach, Coral Island program.

There are snorkeling points in each destination which will be beautiful and different in its own way. Therefore, we suggest you pick the destination and our guide/hostess/captain will advise you on the trip.

Yes, It’s possible. You can arrange the trip by informing our staff when making the reservation and our guide/hostess/captain will plan for you.

We recommend Racha Noi and Maiton. It is very quiet and is away from the crowded place.

Sailing on the catamaran at 15.00hr for the Sunset Session – Promthep Cape is also a very chill and different experience to watch the sunset in Phuket.

It takes 4-4.30hrs to travel from Chalong pier (Phuket)to Phi Phi Island (Krabi) with Myra or Blue Indigo. If you wish to travel, you will have to depart early at around 6am or 7am and will have time to enjoy Phi Phi Island for 2-3 hours only before having to depart to come back for Phuket.

We have 2 types of lunch setting. Firstly, we serve picnic lunchbox which is provided for Sport cruiser and speedboat. Secondly, we serve lunch on board (on the boat) for Sailing Catamaran, Luxury Yacht and No. 10.

We do not allow pregnant woman to join the trip. However, if you book sailing catamaran or yacht you might be allowed to travel for less than 4 months pregnancy but requiring you to sign our acceptance agreement paper.

1. Maiton Island ฿2,500/pax. (ADT&CHD)
2. Phi Phi Island ฿400/ADT, ฿200/CHD
3. Bamboo Island ฿400/ADT, ฿200/CHD
4. Railay Beach ฿400/ADT, ฿200/CHD
5. HONK (Krabi) ฿400/ADT, ฿200/CHD
6. JAMES BOND Island ฿300/pax.
7. RANG Island ฿200/pax.
8. Similan ฿500/ADT, ฿300/CHD